Management Team & Board of Directors:


Dr. Mohanad Hammouda

Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. Hammouda grew up in U.A.E, before he moved to pursue medical career in Jordan (Graduated with Excellence degree MBBS) and later in USA at the prestigious Emory University Hospital (Internal Medicine Department).
Dr. Mohanad undertook training in Emergency Medicine at King Abdullah University Hospital for 2 years – 900 bed hospital. Later he moved to the US, further pursue training at Internal Medicine at Emory University Hospital for 2 years. Dr. Mohanad is always interested in independent medical practice, believed in making healthcare more accessible, easier to avail with least possible costs; in 2016 Dr. Mohanad became an entrepreneur in Medicine, created VIP Doctor Healthcare; introduced the concept of concierged medical services, enhanced new concept home healthcare along with VAS – VIP Ambulance Services; being awarded the highest recognition from the Dubai Government.
Dr. Mohanad has worked in multiple hospitals and venues in more than 5 countries; 18 years of experience in healthcare; including international organizations like United Nations (senior medical officer).
Dr. Mohanad’s Main areas of Expertise: Medical research (active), Medical Enterprise, Internal Medicine & Emergency Medicine.

Hobbies: Writing, Theatrical Music, Tennis, Movies

Languages: Arabic, English, Russian.

Quote: “Dream Big, Go Big, or Go Home”


Dr. Zaher Fdloun


Dr. Zaher Fdloun, MD is a Syrian physician. He graduated from Tishreen University Faculty of Medicine in 2008 and completed a 4 year post graduate speciality program in Internal Medicine at Damascus University Hospitals, Syria.
He is licensed as a general practitioner by Dubai Health Authority and has been practicing general medicine & Healthcare Management in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2014.
Dr. Zaher serves as the CEO Of VIP Doctor 247 Health Care since 2016; he has added to the company’s values and infrastructure to make it rise and compete at the highest level of medical care.

Main Areas of interest: Internal Medicine, treatment & management of Asthma & Respiratory failure.

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English & German

Hobbies: Football, Play station & travelling.

Quote: “ Time is money, spend it wisely; you have to believe It before you see it”


Dr. Burhan Al Daas


Dr. Burhan Aldaas is a Syrian physician. He graduated from Damascus University Faculty of Medicine in 2009 and completed a 4 years post graduate specialty program in Gynecology surgery and Obstetrics at Damascus Hospitals, Syria.
Dr. Burhan has an extensive experience in managing healthcare financial systems; since 2013 he worked as a financial treasurer for several hospitals & clinics; He joined VIP Doctor in 2017 and brought home financial control over the company’s accounts and has oversight for financial reporting, cash management, legal and corporate matters
Main Areas of interest: Internal Medicine, treatment & management of surgical cases .

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English.

Hobbies: Basketball, Walking ,Reading & travelling.

Quote: “ We have the power to change the world but change starts only when we change ourselves”


Ms. Raoudha Sellimi

Business Development Director

Mr. Zaid Aboobakker

Group Operations Director

Mr. Zaid has joined VIP Doctor healthcare after 21 years of experience as a paramedic Manager working in ER , Ambulances , Air mercy , trainer for Red Cross South Africa , St. John’s ambulance and Medsin academy ,Operations manager & Clinic in Charge at the prestigious Jumeirah beach Hotel.
Mr. Zaid’s Hometown – Durban (South Africa), where he graduated & pursed his career; Mr. Zaid’s personal and professional goals is to lead , manage an extraordinary team and take it to its peak ,
Main Areas of Interest: Ambulance Services & Emergency Medicine, Clinical Operations & Point of care medical services.
Hobbies: football , cricket , billiards and PlayStation.
Languages: English, Afrikaans, Zulu & Arabic.
Quote “There’s no limit where we going…..If we only look at the sky as the limit , we are short sighted”


Dr. Alaleh Rosdari

Infection Control Officer

Dr Alaleh Asghari Roodsari is Iranian-Canadian General Practitioner who completed her medical training in Tehran, Iran in 2006. She obtained her graduate degree (MSc in reproductive and developmental sciences) from University of British Columbia, Canada in 2012 and she is holder of Licentiate of Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) since 2013. She has extensive work experience in various clinical settings and research fields in The Netherlands, Canada and UAE.
Dr Alaleh joined VIP Doctor 247 in 2018 after moving to UAE. As well as her work as a GP in clinical settings , she is an Infectious Disease officer for VIP Doctor Healthcare since 2020. Dr. Alaleh has supervised 15 roaming teams for COVID – PCR testing, Vaccinations & Isolation / Quarantine management & Follow up for + 5000 patients. Dr. Alaleh has been awarded highest appreciation from DHA for her efforts in fighting the COVID Pandemic.
Main Areas of Interest: Infectious Diseases, Medical Research & Hotel Clinics Setup.
Hobbies: Painting, Reading, Paddle Tennis, Swimming & Traveling.
Languages: English, Parisian & Arabic.
Quote “Nothing is Impossible; the word itself says Possible”


Mr. Noshaad Mohamed

Ambulance Services & Training Centers Consultant Director

Mr. Noshaad Mahomed is an experienced EMS & Training professional with 22 years of experience working in multinational companies. He is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.
Mr. Noshaad joined VIP Doctor Healthcare in June 2020 and has overseen the expansion of the VAS team by threefold. He opens up the line of communication between clients, customers and businesses to get projects done.
Mr. Noshaad currently is managing a large department, consisting of +25 Level 6 Ambulances, +50 Paramedics, 2 International training centers and round the clock operations of patients transfers, Emergency post clinics & Events Coverage.
His goal for VAS is to be the number one EMS Company in the region within the next 2 years.
Main Areas of Interest: Emergency Medicine, Ambulance Business Development & Hotel Emergency Response.
Hobbies: Fishing, Swimming, Basketball & Social media.

Languages: English, Afrikaans, Zulu & Dutch.

Quote: “don’t wait for opportunities but create them & always deliver more than expected”


Ms. Olena Zahrblena

Group Nursing Director

Elena Zagrebelna, was born & raised in Ukraine, graduated from the prestigious Cherkasy medical College in 2006, with honors degree & First of her Class & First Nationwide GPA – Bachelor of Nursing. Ms. Elena has pursed her career further & studied at the Zaporozhye Medical University. Graduated as a doctor pharmacist with honors certificate master degree in 2015. Ms. Elna has worked as a registered nurse in the emergency department at the Cherkassy central hospital from 2006 till 2011, She has been promoted to head nurse at ICU in 2011. Ms. Elna has extensive work experience of +20 years, She has won the competition of “Best Nurse in Ukraine” three times
Ms. Elna joined VIP Doctor in 2017 as Nursing Director; under her supervision the nursing team has expanded to +100 nurses and under her leadership the nursing department has been enhanced and advanced to compete with the Best Nursing department in our region.
Main Areas of Interest: Emergency Medicine, Point of care & on call medical services, Nursing Operations.
Hobbies: Swimming, Travelling, Linguistics & Ballet Dancing.
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.
Quote: “I’m not telling you its going to be eay; but I’m telling you its gonna be worth it” OR “nurses are there when last breath is taken; nurses are there when first breath is taken”


Dr. Fadi Salem

Group Medical Director

Dr. Fadi graduated from the prestigious university “Saint Petersburg Medical school” in 2000, he then further pursued his career at the same college & finished training program in internal medicine. Dr. Fadi joined VIP Doctor in 2019; after long standing career of +20 years in medicine.
Before joining VIP Doctor; Dr. Fadi worked as Corporate Clinics manager, Medical Director & Internal Medicine Specialist in various clinics / hospitals in Russia, Lebanon & U.A.E.
Dr. Fadi is an expert in treating resistant chronic conditions; he has utilized clinical treatment to benefit patients and ameliorate symptoms; he is an expert in ozone therapy & Acupuncture, treatment and prophylactic management for autoimmune diseases, diabetic foot, osteoarthritis.
Dr. Fadi has enhanced the medical practice at VIP Doctor; under his leadership Medical services became more effective; and has expanded into 7 more clinics and future hospital.
Main Areas of Interest: Diabetic Foot, Internal Medicine, Ozone Therapy & Acupuncture.
Hobbies: Reading, Motorsports, Karate, Swimming & Planting.
Languages: English, Arabic, Russian & Ukrainian.
Quote: “I Want VIP the best in UAE; we are not the same, we are much better”


Mr. Steven Flaherty

Crisis & Disaster Management Consultant