Our Story

Leading Physicians, Life saviors, trainers and game changers, we turn any challenge into opportunity and always make a class difference in your lives.

VIP DOCTOR 247 is an innovative preeminent healthcare facility, founded in 2016 providing a variety of unique primary healthcare services in the U.A.E.

Given the exponential growth of Dubai, an international city with huge market demands. The company was established to provide high level of medical services to meet the expectations and requirements of the medical sector in Dubai.

Since establishment, the company has been growing rapidly operating on several levels, providing medical services all around Dubai for hotels, residents and corporate clients. The foundation has exponentially grown to extend the services in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia & UK; Currently VIP Doctor is +15 Branches.

The current number of employees is +250 employees and hiring.

Since 2020, VIP Doctor has become the Largest Doctor on Call in U.A.E. and by far the Largest Private Ambulance Service Provider in Dubai.

VIP Doctor 247 is a DHA Licensed and Registered Primary Healthcare Facility. The facility provides 24/7 doctor on call services (General Practitioners, Specialists & Consultants), Nurses on call, Physiotherapist on call. In addition, VIP Doctor is an International First Aid Training Centre; Contemporary with these services; VIP Doctor is also an EMS service provider (Emergency Medical Services)- VAS- VIP ambulance services, paramedic, EMTs, Advanced Life Support, fully equipped prehospital care to accommodate all types of ambulance and paramedics requests.

Our Vision

  • Reach the Top of Medical Sector Expertise
  • Be the preferred destination for All Medical Services in U.A.E.
  • Expand our network Internationally in Europe, Asia, Africa & USA.
  • Become the Awarding Body for All Hospitality Medicine Globally.

Service Pledge Mission

  • Deliver VIP Patient care to each client
  • Embrace diversity, empower women & develop valued connected work culture
  • Administer Evidence – based medical treatments with focus on preventive medicine.
  • Follow rules, regulations & guidelines of DHA, DCAS, DOH, MOH, Highfiled, HSI & GDPR.
  • Detailed and fair understanding of medical conditions to all our patients.

Business Values

  • Compassionate to All, treat with Respect, Empathy & Dignity for each individual.
  • Acting as a responsible corporate citizen
  • Maintain Ethical Standards
  • Highlight Patients Rights & Confidentiality