Home Visits Services

VIP Doctor provides a wide range of home medical services and treatments including IV Vitamin Therapy (for vitamin deficiencies, for Immune boost, Hydromax treatment, after workout, Post hangover). There are about 11 packages of vitamin mix and IV Treatments; please contact us for more details.

Whenever required / necessary, our team makes laboratory services easier and simpler – we take the samples from the clients based location and send them right away to the Laboratory for immediate analysis. We carry an extensive Inclusive array of laboratory testing (Blood, Urine, Stool, Swabs, Semen) ranging from basic panels to Hormone testing, Vitamin tests, Allergy tests, Genetic testing and Food Intolerance / weight loss packages.

As a health care provider, VIP Doctor also practices preventive medicine and community awanress to the Residents and Visitors of U.A.E. an initiative to overall improve the health and well-being, an example of this is cancer screening, flu vaccinations and other measures of disease screening & prevention.