With VIP Doctor, its more than just a physical therapy session; its rehabilitation and sanctuary as well.

We have handpicked the most experienced and some of the best Physiotherapist from different cultures, background and training modalities to join our group.

Our Physiotherapists are practicing the most advanced techniques for physiotherapy including Gyrotonic Training, Minimal Energy Techniques (MIEs), Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisations (PIMs) with the aid of ultrasound directed neurodynamics, pain Relief through myofascial release, Muscle Streching & Soft Tissue Massage.

Our Physiotherapists as well speak many languages, inculdig Arabic, English, French; with physiotherapy experience of more than 20 years.

Stressed? Tight muscles? Low Back pain? Disc Problem? or for Elderly Mobility & care? Or simply want to complement your exercise routine or rehabilitation? Our licensed Physiotherapists offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience that addresses your needs and help improve your condition. Treat your body and mind to a therapeutic massage. Call us now and book your appointment.